We've finally found the perfect man.

Choi Siwon.

Member of Korean boyband Super Junior and its amazing sub-group, Super Junior-M.

Known for his handsome face, chocolate abs, hand gestures, mobile eyebrows, Christian faith, and need to constantly be touching Han Geng his bandmates.

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afro-seoul - Siwon is 30? I thought he was in his 20s

He’s actually in his late 20s :) He’s turning 28 this April.

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Anonymous - Hi, i saw from ForSiwon's Twitter that they gave him a perfume, and from the looks of it it seems to be one of his faves? Just to ask if it is (his fave) and how does the fans know about it! That's impressive! Thank you!

I’m not sure if it is one of his favorite scents, sorry! Siwon actually tweeted about the perfume, asking where he could buy it so ForSiwon gave it to him as a present just a few hours after he posted the tweet ^^

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Anonymous - ph admins, i heard that there's going to be a ss5 soon in the philippines. do you mind sharing your fancams?

Unfortunately, we can’t since neither of us will be going to the concert. Sorry :(

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Anonymous - Um, hi. First of all, I really really love this blog and I'm so very thankful to the admins so please don't take this the wrong way, but I noticed that this blog has been kind of... inactive lately? Fycsw usually updates the fastest but lately the updates are pretty slow. It made me sad since this blog is my favorite (and the best) SW blog. I know the admins must be busy with life and stuff, so umm have you guys considered adding a new one maybe? Oh god I really hope this doesn't offend you /_\

It’s true that we’ve all been reeeeeeally busy with work (two of us here have just started working recently) and though we try our hardest to update whenever we can, we know that there are times when we just can’t :( To be honest, even before we started working, we’ve talked about adding another person to help us out because we knew that it would be hard to keep up with updates once we get busier so we asked around but during that time, nobody seemed interested to help out. :( We planned on asking around again but we’ve obviously been putting it off (thinking that we can still handle the blog on our own and we didn’t want to bother anyone :/)

Don’t worry, you’re not offending us in any way because what you said is true and we’re actually thankful that you’ve brought this out in the open :) I’m going to take this opportunity to ask our followers to drop us a message if you guys want to help us out in keeping the blog updated. We promise that this time, we’ll put more effort into looking! :)

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All I know is that he hurt his knee last week during one of the performances at SS5 Taiwan. I’m not sure what exactly happened though :(

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Anonymous - Are there any pictures of Siwon's motorbike? Can you share them with us? Thank you so much.

I don’t think we have any pictures of his motorbike, sorry! I just know that he owns  one because of one of Leeteuk’s stories (that incident at the Han River, to be exact) back when he was still DJ-ing for Sukira :)

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1. Here you go! ^^

2. The appropriate posts have been updated with the feet tag :)

3. Yes, he does :)

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1. I don’t think they’ve done any projects together ^^

2. They stayed at the Moana Surfrider Hotel. :)

3. Aside from the upcoming Super Show 5 stops, we have no idea which countries he’s planning to visit next. Sorry!

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Anonymous - Hi Admins!!! Thanks for your blog. Do you know if Siwon has his own youtube page? Thanks

Yes, he created one just recently! :)

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Here you go ^^ These links include official site updates and album scans.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Also, you can still access the teaser images on their official site, under the gallery tab ^^

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