We've finally found the perfect man.

Choi Siwon.

Member of Korean boyband Super Junior and its amazing sub-group, Super Junior-M.

Known for his handsome face, chocolate abs, hand gestures, mobile eyebrows, Christian faith, and need to constantly be touching Han Geng his bandmates.

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Anonymous - Regarding your post here http://fuckyeahchoisiwon.tumblr.com/post/2992589602/y-must-use-the-word-fuck-yeah-its-sounds-horrible
Firstly, THEY MUST BE NEW. LAWLS. I seriously facepalmed when I read it. I mean, do they even know the meaning of the expression "Fuck yeah!"?? “Fuck yeah!” (also similar to “Hell yeah!”) is an EXPRESSION or a slang commonly used when you feel extremely excited about something, e.g; “OMG I finally got to buy that Louboutin boots I’ve seen online with 80% discounts ! FUCK YEAHHH¬!!!” or when you watched a football game & they scored a goal & you’re like, “FUCK YEAH, it’s now 3-1!!!!”. I do not know for sure how “fuck yeah!” started but I’m guessing it’s from America.
So when you say “FUCK YEAH, Siwon (or “FUCK YEAH, *insert any other SuJu’s members’ names*”)!!!” it’s not meant to insult or disrespecting that certain person. It’s because Siwon is such a stud muffin & because he’s awesome like that, that when you see him you’ll be like, “FUCK YEAH, CHOI SIWON!!!”. So really, it’s like an honor actually to have a ‘Fuck Yeah’ page on you on Tumblr. Hmm I think the much ‘respectful’ way to say ‘Fuck yeah!’ would be just ‘YEAH!!!’ but it just won’t work like that on Tumblr.
Seriously anon (how old are you anyways? And tbh, I think you & siwonfan#1 is the same person), I understand how you don’t like people to disrespect & insult your idols, but please do your research before you start commenting on something. And please don’t be so IGNORANT. Because in the end YOU are the one who’ll end up sounding like a nincompoop (that means unknowledgeable or to put it bluntly, stupid) & definitely not the people from Fuck Yeah, Choi Siwon. If you still don’t get the expression ‘fuck yeah’ & you think FYCS is being disrespectful to Siwon, please keep in mind that you are not the one who runs this page. It’s HIS/HER/THEIR page so they can name it & do whatever they like with it.
As for FYCS, sorry for the long essay, I just had to comment on this. My friend run a FY page (but not Super Junior or even KPop –related) & someone actually asked her ‘Why fuck yeah? Why not FUN yeah?’. Like, D’UH. Seriously?? This irks me to no end. I hope no other idiots will be complaining about this ‘Fuck Yeah’ thing on Tumblr (though fat chance it will be). If you don’t like Tumblr & don’t really get what’s it about, get the hell out of here. Also you did a good job running your Tumblr & I think it’s one of the best Siwon’s FUCK YEAH out there. ;P

This probably the best explanation I’ve seen of the Fuck Yeah thing yet! Thanks!

And thanks to everyone that wrote to us about the issues. Unfortunately, to save everyone from the spam on their dashes, I won’t be answer and publishing them all, but we were appreciate everyone’s input on the issue!

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